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I love games, but wow. Has Taco Bell been holding out on us this whole time?

December 15, 2013

Ever wonder why Taco Bell’s sauce packets come with those cheeky captions? I did, too—until a group of friends and I stopped by the restaurant one day and discovered the world’s hottest, tastiest game ever.

It turns out that Taco Bell has been sitting on the greatest fast-food card game of all time. All those captions on Taco Bell sauce packets are really there so that we can play Taco Bell Sauce Go Fish.

How to play Go Fish with Taco Bell sauce packets

It’s really simple. First, get like, 52 packets of Taco Bell sauce. You can use Fire Sauce, hot sauce, mild sauce, or Verde Sauce—you can even mix and match.

Lay all packets face-down on a table. This is your draw pile.


Now all players draw seven packets. Make sure your opponents/friends/parents cannot see the captions on your packets. Those are for your eyes only (FYEO)!


Your objective is to get points, and you score a point by laying down a set of three matching Taco Bell sauce packets. If you have three packets in your hand with the same caption, lay those down now.

Now choose a player to take the first turn. Gameplay moves counterclockwise.


This player will ask any other player if they have a packet with a certain caption (“Do you have any ‘Good things happen after midnight’?”).


If the player he asks does have a Taco Bell sauce packet with that caption, they must hand one over.


If the first player is able to form a set of three upon receiving that card, they can lay it down. Success!


But let’s say a player asks for a packet, but the other player does not have that caption in their hand.


The second player responds, “GO FISH!” The player asking for packets must draw a packet at random from the draw pile, and his turn is over.


The player asking for packets must draw a packet at random from the draw pile, and his turn is over.


The game is over when someone has played all the packets in their hand.

At that point, all players add up the amount of sets they’ve earned. The player with the most sets wins! Terrific!

I can’t believe Taco Bell hasn’t let us in on this little secret until now. If you’ve ever wondered why Taco Bell puts captions on their sauce packets, now you know. This is totally the meaning behind those Taco Bell sauce packet captions. When I realized it, I went all Tuco in that restaurant:


They almost asked me to leave.

Well played, Taco Bell. Well played.

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Special thanks to Laura Converse, David Davidson, and Tyrel Tjoelker.

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